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Multi Domain Hosting

What is Multi-Domain Hosting?
Most hosts charge you per domain you host with them. They require you to purchase a new account for each website and bill you accordingly. We do things differently. We charge you a fixed monthly fee for an allotment of Space and Bandwidth which you can use to host as many domains as you wish. There are no additional costs for additional domains, no set-up fees and the number of domains you can host in your account is practically unlimited

How does it work?
When you order hosting from 4CheapHosting, you will be given access to your own CPanel. From here you will be able to add domains to your account in real time.

Who is Multi-Domain hosting suitable for?
Our hosting accounts are suitable for almost anyone who wishes to host a website. They provide you with ability to expand the number of websites you host without the pressure of extra costs. In particular:
* Web designer or developers who wish to make extra revenue from selling hosting to their customers.
* The entrepreneur who wishes to make a business from selling hosting in their local area or online.
* Personal websites, host websites for family and friends or community groups.



How is different from
other host providers :

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48,800,000 TOP Global Site Rank source Alexa :
1. Rank page on 07-August-2003 (Rank position : 48,745 and growing)


What these Google ranks and Alexa reports prove ?

These results are based on popularity factors which means in other words that many webmasters recommend our site and many surfers see it everyday
You don't get popular within few months
Our site is active from 04-Feb-2000 and from that time we increase our customers base without decrease the quality and the attention we give to every single customer
See some screenshots below from the frontpages of as the WayBackMachine recorded us
(clicking at these images a new window with enlarged image will appear)

We are related with Internet business from 1995 and we saw the growth and the variation of Internet services until now.
We understand the disbelief and the difficulty of people choosing an Internet Web Presence Provider. This is logical with all the things they happen to internet, like :
a.Services with extremely low prices that close the next day leaving the customer on the air
b.Unreliable hosting offers and crawling internet serving speed
c.Periodical and long downtimes of server leaving customer site down for hours or days
d.Visitors can't see the site due different incompatibilities and administration ignorance at the setup
e.Fail to follow the promises and commitments they state
f.Don't offer a real "test and use" guarantee so that the site owner will not feel his pocket heavy as a result of his decision.
All these and several others don't make the life of webmaster easy
fully understand the previous problems and offers :
REAL 360 days money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose. The money will be back to your account in 7 days (according to your bank) from the day you request for refund. No long waiting, no out of reach people and no hurt feelings when you request a refund. It's part of our job and our job is too precious to spoil it. Our business model is clear and taking our word as a fact the one thing we are not so experienced is giving a refund !!
Our rate is less than 2% which means that our services are not something our users want to give back

PROmotion with no extra cost. You get free promotion with Banner exposures at the "Site Spotlight" section, site submission to search engines and directories, insertion to our traffic and directory link exchange and marketing newsletters at the same price of your hosting pack. We want to help you achieve the purpose of your website creation. We don't want to give you a nice front window without any traffic and customers !!!

Reliable uptime reports from the respected service of

We're in business from late 1999 and we still have satisfied customers. If you check our whois info will prove it. Our main goal is to offer reliable service with affordable pricing policy. We proved all these years that we're not a company that will disappear the next morning. Read the testimonials on the right column

Our dedicated servers are located in popular and big data centers. Bandwidth, Security and Fault tolerance operation are issues we take very seriously. When we deal with operation problems we waste time from other tasks and certainly we don't want that. is a secure trouble free environment for our customers

6.We give monthly and yearly offers to our customers.
We give prizes and free hosting packs every month in our surveys - polls - contests section
We offer you
free over 200 eBooks with our promotional packs on various subjects all with resale rights so that you resell right away from your site or give them as a freebie to your visitors !!

We have a friendly and approachable support team. Replies travel in less than 12 hours. We publish reports to the site for every major notice you must know

Our disadvantages :
1.We like honesty and this is what we require from our customers.

2.We have less than
zero percentage tolerance with credit card fraud attempts with no exceptions and no second chances because we believe these attempts damage everybody's business and many times we spent a lot more than the actual hosting prices to track these people. See our blacklist with credit card orders and malicious disputes. All non legitimate credit card transactions are also reported to the: Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC). We value and respect legitimate and responsible people they give us the opportunity to serve them.

3.We have less than
zero percent tolerance for people they want to abuse our services and especially spammers.

We give quality web hosting and promotion services for businesses or individuals and that is a fact
If you like to have people they care for your site you know where to ask





What customers say
for 4CheapHosting network and services :

4CheapHosting Homepages
from 2000






Ií ve been with this hosting network for over 2 years and they were great all this time. Great stability,honesty and politeness from the sales-support dept. This review is a way for me to say thanks for the service they provide me. Thanks ppl.
Dominick Hasten - UNITED KINGDOM

We have hosted our domains on your servers and provided our clients with hosting services as resellers of your service for quite some time now and want to spread the word concerning how pleased we are with your services and personnel. The people you have working for you are an absolute pleasure to work with and have served us with nothing less than professional courtesy, effectiveness and timely assistance. We have been exposed to hosting services for many years before settling with you and have had our fair share of lousy experiences. Believe me when I say that we know the difference between a great host and one that sucks so badly we can hear them coming. is a great host bar none.
Nicholas Hall - OH, UNITED STATES

All the power given to the end-user, you set up your e-mails, protected directories etc
Billy Redmon - FL, UNITED STATES

Gooooody. My vdomain runs like hell.

Great job, ... i really like your service and have been referring people to use it .... i would love it if you had a referral area when you sign up and if you get x friends you get a discount ... not that the hosting isn't cheep enough:-) thanks
Mike Kunz - Ohio - UNITED STATES - (

Awesome tools. Outstanding value for the money great tech support people
Zachary Bewley - NC, UNITED STATES

Rule says whatever is cheap is worthless and I agree BUT 4cheaphosting is the exception. They were very polite and fast. They say that new accounts can be ready within 24H but they send me the confirmation in 2 hours I might host another domain the next year. At least for now i could not suggest another company more than
John Olszewski - PA, UNITED STATES

I am just writing to say how impressed I am with 4Cheaphosting. They set up my account quickly and efficiently and were flexible enough to accommodate my needs. I would just like to say thanks for replying to my email so quickly. I was in doubt about 4cheaphosting because i didnít know your company but now that Ive seen your customer service in action, I can see myself hosting my site with you for a long time to come. Your web space loads at very good speeds and your hosting package is very good value for money. Thanks again! This is great,i can start working on the site now  :-)
Polly Higginson - CA, UNITED STATES

I have been using webspace by several different providers until now. 4cheaphosting has been by far the best! Im very very happy with the speed and service!
Pedro Danko - BC, CANADA

Much of what I do with my site is experimental and I often rely on 4cheaphosting's technical support department to make changes or to add software to their server. They are always courteous, responsive, and accommodating. I would recommend 4cheaphosting to anyone with special needs beyond good reliable web hosting service.
Bill Ehrreich - Florida - USA - Complete Software Solutions - (

Iíd like to take my time to congratulate 4cheap Hosting about their commitment in bringing this hosting service to that high level and for providing me with such a reliable hosting. I could not ask for more and I strongly feel that I have found the right host for my site. I only had to add to my wonderful experience with their sales team, as I contacted support they needed not more than 6 minutes to fully resolve my issue! I would recommend 4cheap Hosting to everyone, they have proven to me their integrity and reliability and they make this on a daily basis. I cannot be happier with my host. This is by far the best and the fastest company I have ever dealt with
Phillip East - OR, UNITED STATES

I have been conducting business on the Internet since 1997. In all that time, I have never been associated with a company of the caliber of 4CheapHosting. Support Dept. is always ready to quickly respond to any questions about the site development. Their responses were thorough, logical, and always offered in the spirit of cooperation. No matter how trivial the question. Always provided the help I needed. They worked far above and beyond what should have been required of them to make sure that everything on my site was completed to my total satisfaction. I highly recommend 4CheapHosting to anyone seeking a professional and highly motivated organization that will work tirelessly to complete any task assigned. I have some more projects lined up for future 4CheapHosting tasking

Just wanted to tell you guys I really appreciate the fantastic service you have been giving me with my web hosting for the past year.
I now work full time on the internet and it is absolutely essential that my websites stay up 24/7. You have been there whenever I have needed help whether it be 5:30 am Sunday morning or on a Holiday weekend. Hey, do you guys sleep?
I feel totally confident having my business presence on the internet in your hands. I am looking forward to doing much more business together in the future. Sincerely.
Scott Gladney - BELGIUM

I was very happy with the service I received from 4cheaphosting and would be happy to express that to other potential clients
Leonard Morelli - TX, UNITED STATES

As a web developer, I have had the opportunity to work with several web hosting companies, and have found's combination of technical skill and service unsurpassed. So when I started my recent site it was a no-brainer to choose as my hosting partner. You would be hard-pressed to find a hosting company with the breadth of knowledge and the personal attention that offers
James Muse - AUSTRALIA

I often tell people how pleased we are with your firm, which actually has real people who respond quickly and helpfully to inquiries
Anthony Hammer - MI, UNITED STATES

As a growing web application provider, we found ourselves struggling to expand in house services without compromising security, availability or performance. After trying several providers, 4cheaphosting surpassed our expectations. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and swift to provide solutions. The network infrastructure is highly available and well maintained. Our hats off to 4cheaphosting for the exceptional service and we look forward to growing our partnership in the future
Tommie Bostock - IN, UNITED STATES

The best uptime I have ever had from a Web Hosting company. The best Software for the control panel that makes my customers happy. With very knowledgeable support
Ricardo Bracy - UT, UNITED STATES

4cheaphosting is probably the best provider I have worked with. Going from hosting the clients we had on our dsl line to moving them to 4ch was a snap. Not only is their price the best I have found on the internet, their service is great as well. I get responses to all my questions within the hour. All of my friends who host sites say it takes days if they even get a response to their questions on some other hosting company. One of the features that I am impressed with is that I have complete control over my domains and my hosting clients, it's as close to running the server myself I can get without actually having it sitting right next to me. I would recommend them to anyone. The price and server can't be beaten. I for one am convinced they are the best around for web hosting services

As we not only need hosting for our own business and personal sites, but are constantly needing to recommend hosting for our clients this is a continual problem for us as well. We want reasonable pricing, quality features, reliable uptime, and fair response time to any problems. We have been in business for 6 years and had a business web site for that same amount of time, so we have gone through a lot of web hosts in that time, 4ch is the best we found so far

I am extremely pleased with my hosting at 4CH. I was not pleased with my previous host and found their technical support to be challenging at best and downright infuriating most of the time. I shopped carefully for my next host. I asked the entrepreneurs on my professional list serve for advice on hosts, took the top three recommendations and interviewed them all personally before making a decision.
Only 4cheaphosting offered the best in service, price and response time. Others may have their strengths, but I've always been pleased with the response, the high degree of customer service, their willingness to answer my questions and the extremely reasonable price that 4CH offers. I recommend their services and enjoy being a customer. Thanks, for making my hosting a joy - I already have enough challenges!

Current Customers can send their testimonials to sales dept. from the contact form of the site
Thank you

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Shared WebHosting

Remember :
You can host as many sites as your resources allow.
For example you can : host 1 site of 50MBytes
or 50 sites of 1Mbyte to PLAN 1 or 2 with any combination possible. These are multi domain WEB HOSTING PLANS

For more information click here ....

Each of the
PLAN 1 & 2 have the following features :

* 1000 Sites / domains
* 1000 Subdomains
* 1000 Domain Pointers
* 1000 Parked Domains
* 1000 POP3 Accounts
* 1000 MySQL Databases
* 1000 Email Lists

* Access to WebMail
* Anonymous Nameservers
* Multilingual cPanel
* Unlimited Spam Filters
* Unlimited Auto Responders
* Unlimited Private POP Servers
* Unlimited Forwarders
* Web Based Stats

* One click backup
* Raw Logs
* Cron Jobs
* Network Tools
* Web Based File Manager
* FrontPage Support
* Custom Error Pages
* FTP accounts

* Password Protection
* PhpMyAdmin Access
* Private CGI Bin
* MIME Types
* Apache Handlers
* POP3, IMAP Mail
* PHP, CGI and SSI
* Macromedia Flash
* Macromedia Shockwave

* 24/7 365 days Fast Support

* 99.5% Uptime Guarantee



Click here for details and ordering information


Control Panel Sample

View some of the screens of the WebHosting Panel you will get with your accounts :

(Click each thumbnail . It will popup a new screen with enlarged image of the control panel )

WebHosting Main Panel

Email Options

Three Webmail programs to choose

With Fantastico you can install programs with one click



 Other sites you can visit :


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