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4CheapHosting.net - Link Exchange

Three Sections of FREE Website Link Exchange (Submit your site to all sections)

1. 4CheapHosting.net - Link Directory ( http://www.4cheaphosting.net/cgi-bin/linkdir/index.cgi )
This is the link directory which consists of 149+ categories
Submit your site to the correct category and it will appear in few hours.
ALL THE SITES YOU WILL SEE AT THIS DIRECTORY ARE INTERESTED TO EXCHANGE LINKS possibly with your site. Visit these sites and contact the webmasters for link exchange. Increase the number of your link partners fast. Rate the sites they helped you more,the sites that responded quicker than others...

NOTE : WE WELCOME COMPANIES THAT OFFER THE SAME OR SIMILAR KIND OF SERVICES LIKE WE DO. This directory is free to explore. You don't have to put our link to your websites if you visit this directory, only if you want to insert your link. These resources are growing fast. Visit each site and request for a link exchange. This is good for link popularity which will help you with Search Engines


2. 4CheapHosting.net - TOP 100 Traffic Link Exchange
These links appear to all the pages of 4CheapHosting.net (about 250)
Click the Join (
http://www.4cheaphosting.net/cgi-bin/linkexchange/free_addlink.cgi )
to add your site. This link calculates the traffic you send us back and put your site accordingly to the right position. This is good for direct traffic. (No Adult sites accepted for TOP100 Traffic Exchange)
The TOP100 page with the first 100 sites here :


3. theCheap.net - Email Link Exchange
You can use the email power to increase and promote your site free.
Every email account at the style of username@thecheap.net will include tag line text with random link of the sites registered to the "TOP100 Traffic Link Exchange"
This tag link will travel to every recipient of the email.
Every member promote each of the sites listed on the TOP100.
click here to see how this can work. The same link forwards to another site every time you refresh the page or receive a new hit request)


You can create a new email and use it (click here to create a new email account with yourname@thecheap.net)
or even include the following
link to your site and let every visitor sign for a free email account as a freebie and a traffic creation tool for your site.

Additionally we have created a unique way to exchange traffic among the members of the "TOP100 Traffic Link Exchange" Whenever you type the http://thecheap.net (with or without the www) a different member will appear under the browser name theCheap.net (
click here to see how it appears)

If you type the
http://email.thecheap.net you will get the login/signup screen for the free email account of @thecheap.net
Register free here and you will receive information about the link you can put at the frontpage of your site for better rank at the list.


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