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PLAN -1-

PLAN -2-

PLAN -3-

PLAN -4-

PLAN -5-

Hard Disk Space

1,000 MBytes

2,000 MBytes

3,000 MBytes

4,000 MBytes

5,000 MBytes

Data Transfer per month

15,000 MBytes

30,000 Mbytes

45,000 MBytes

60,000 MBytes

75,000 MBytes

Domains you can create






Price per month

45 $ (USD)

60 $ (USD)

80 $ (USD)

100 $ (USD)

120 $ (USD)






To order click on the “Order” link of the plan you want
You will be redirected to 2checkout.com which is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by 4CH
After the payment confirmation and verification you will receive an email from us
for details we need to open your reseller account
Average reseller account creation time is 8-12 hours excluding
the credit card verification 2checkout.com will run

All the plans have the same features. The only difference is the space
and the bandwidth as you see at the table on the top


Features in detail :

Over Selling Allowed : Yes
You can sell more to your customers than the limits you see at the top table if your customers don’t use all the space and bandwidth you will give them

Overselling is a business tactic used by the web hosts. For example, if a server has 100GBytes and each hosting plan is 1GByte, the webhost sells and hosts more than 100 clients on that server.

The reason for this is not every client uses up to the maximum of their account space limit. Every client uses different % of their space. It's very unlikely that every customer on a server use up to 100% of their total space.

So if every client uses only 50% of the space, this means that the web host may be able to sell 200 customers of 1GByte plans on a 100GBytes server.

Number of IPs : 5

Control Panel - CPanel 8

Secure Shell (SSH) : Yes

Web Based File Manager

Shared SSL : Yes

Access to error logs

Real Time Visitor Statistics

Cron Jobs

Unlimited FTP accounts

MX record changes

Unlimited Domain Pointers

Perl Version 5.x

Macromedia Flash

FrontPage 2002 Extensions

Search Engine Submission

Unlimited POP3 Accounts

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Unlimited Mailing Lists

Spam Assassin

Remote access to Web Mail

Unlimited Auto Responders

Password Protection

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited Sub Domains

PHP 4.3.1

Macromedia Shockwave

Apache Handlers

MIME Type Editing

Private Label DNS : In all our plans we use Private Label Name Servers. This ensures that your customers will not be able to trace you to us, as you will be using your own branded DNS - ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com.

Backups : All your data, including configuration files, settings, website files, email and databases are backed up daily to a secondary hard drive. This helps to ensure the safety of your data should the main hard drive fail. One-Click Backups are also available for you or your customers to download from CPanel. You can choose to backup all you data, config files only, site files only or individual databases.

WHM : Web Host Manager give you control over your clients' websites. You can add, remove and modify any of your domains from with in WHM. The use of WHM seperates the hosts offering virtual multi-domain hosting from those of us offering true multi-domain hosting.

Pre-installed / One Click installation of the following programs

Shopping Carts :

Discussion Boards :

Portals :

Customer Relationship :

Support Services Manager

Other Scripts :

Web Calendar

and many more scripts , tools for your customers


4CH is the correct option when you click the order button

1. Uninterrupted Successful Operation from late 1999

2. Many Positive Testimonials from our users

3. Reliable Data Centers

4. No risk and Trouble Free operation of your sites. Set and Forget




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